Sponsorship of higher education students:

Amader Arpan has taken every care to guide needy but talented students of the society in all possible ways including financial assistance in order to make their dreams fulfilled against all odds.   

Starting from 2009 Amader Arpan has been sponsoring various higher education students in pursuing their dreams. Presently, some of our brilliant students are studying at IITs

Coaching centres run by Amader Arpan:

Following educational coaching centres are being run by Amader Arpan

  • Coaching centre at BAMANPUKUR Village, North 24 Parganas

Started in 2009

From Class - I to VI

Number of teachers –

Average number of students –


  • Coaching centre at PUTKHALI Village, North 24 Parganas

Started in April 2012

From Class - I to VI

Number of teachers – 2

Average number of students – 60


  • Coaching centre at KHALERDHAR Village, North 24 Parganas

Started in April 2013

From Class - I to VI

Number of teachers – 1

Average number of students – 20



  • Coaching centre at RANIGARH near Sundarban, South 24 Parganas

Started in

From Class - I to VI

Number of teachers – 2

Average number of students – 30

  • Coaching centre at Triveni   

Maa Sarada Charitable Allopathic dispensary at Bamanpukur Ramakrishna Sevashram at Bamanpukur, North 24 Parganas:

The dispensary was set up in Jan 2012.

Medical check-up camp with doctors from Kolkata was held every alternate Sundays in the above dispensary of the Ashram. Free medicines are donated to the patients during these check-up camps.


A charitable Homeopathic dispensary at Bamanpukur Ramakrishna Sevashram:

Free medicines are donated to this dispensary, which was looked after by the resident monk of the Ashram. Due to various reasons, the above dispensaries are now discontinued.

Free medical check-up camps organized from time to time at Putkhali and Bamanpukur:

Medical camps held in July 2012 and September 2012 at Putkhali with recourses arranged by Ramakrishna Mission Boys Home Rahara

Medical camp held in February 2014 at Bamanpukur with recourses arranged by Swami Vivekananda’s ancestral house



Financial support to some patients suffering from heart and kidney related diseases for continuation of their treatment


Blanket distribution during the winter

Every year before the winter starts, Blankets are being distributed to the needy people.

Around 300 blankets are distributed every year in selected areas of Bamanpukur, Putkhali, Ranigarh (near Sundarban), Joynagar Mozilpur, Sukhjora Bankura, Kharigaria, Bankura  



Exercise books (Khata) donated to our students on a regular basis

Exercise books are handed over to all our students as and when required.

Exercise books, pencils, erasers etc. are also donated from time to time to students of other philanthropic organisations.        



Garment distribution before Durga Puja

Every year at the eve of the Durga Puja festival, new clothes are being distributed to:  

- Students of our coaching centres

- Teachers of our coaching centres

- Higher education students

- Inmates of ‘Ananda Ashram’ (a house for under-priviledged children of the society) located at Karunamoyee Kali Bari, Kolkata.

Each year, after the Durga puja festival and at the start of the winter, old garments and blankets are distributed to the local villagers of Ranigarh, Basanti near Sunderban.



Narayan Seva (Lunch programme)

Lunch programme comprising of Khichdi with vegetables is arranged once every year at Ranigarh, Basanti near Sunderban, during the winter season, where around 600 local villagers attend the programme.


Blood Donation Camp

Blood donation camp is held at Karunamoyee Kalibari complex, Tollygunge, Kolkata once every year. Apart from this, Blood donation camp was also held at VSP complex, Visakhapatnam.  



Publishing Annual Magazine ‘ABHIH

Before the start of Durga Puja festival every year, Amader Arpan publishes their annual magazine named ‘ABHIH’. ABHIH contains details of our projects, articles written by our members, students and revered Swamijis of Ramakrishna Mission. The first volume of ABHIH was published in 2011 and every year the magazine is released through a cultural programme graced by revered Swamijis of the Ramakrishna Order. During this programme, new sarees are being donated to around 60 needy women.


Relief works and financial aid during natural calamities

  • During the devastating AAILA (cyclonic storm) which took place  in May 2009 and caused havoc in Sunderban areas:

Within a month of the disaster, on 7th June, our team of 25 members, packed with relief materials had visited Sunderban. Relief materials were distributed to more than 600 families residing over four (4) villages. Medical check-up camps were also held during the visit where medical treatment was done for nearly 430 patients.

  • During the disastrous flash floods which occurred in Uttarakhand in June 2013 and caused heavy destruction to people:

A considerable collection was being raised and handed over to Ramakrishna Mission and Bharat Sevashram Sangha for relief works being carried out by them in these areas.


 Financial support to a helpless family, at the sudden death of the young and only earning member of the family at the age of only 32, suffering from the deadly cancer disease. 

On 7th January 2016, Sri Kishalay Mondal, a resident of Kolkata, who was a brilliant young engineer, suddenly died of cancer leaving behind in his family his aged parents, his wife and his only young daughter. Kishalay was the only earning member of the family and after his death his family was in deep distress. Amader Arpan took the endeavour to collect a total sum of Rs 3,36,301 from various sources and on 28th March 2016 had handed over the total money to Late Kishalay Mondal’s wife. 

Organized Annual Sports, Cultural program in the Bamanpukur Village

Apart from educational, medical, relief and social grounds, Amader Arpan organised annual sports and cultural programme for the children of Bamanpukur village. To commemorate the great Swami Vivekananda’s birthday on 12th January, these programmes were held every year in the month of January. Various competitions such as singing, recitation, sit and draw, quiz are being organized during the cultural programme.    

Amader Arpan stands beside  social organizations through financial aid as well as through physical co-operation in fulfilling their efforts towards the society

  • Karunamoyee Kali Bari, Tollygunge, Kolkata

  • MHE, Kolkata

  • Bharat Sevashrama Sangha, Ghatsila, Jharkhand

  • Hatpara Vivek Seva Niketan, Joynagar Mozilpur, South 24 Parganas

  • Paribrajak, Krishnanagar, Nadia

  • Ramakrishna Sarada Sevashrama, Sukhjora, Bankura

  • Kharigaria, Bankura (Madhu Maharaj)